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Your proposal of replacing the name of the province by the name of the section of the province just to accentuate the missconceptions that Tesla is Croatian, is unacceptable.

This website, our companion books and documentary film will teach you how to accomplish this. Thanks to the discrepancy granted by the scientific lobby, Tesla's ideas were no longer taken seriously and the vision of the general public about his work was that of a mad scientist.

And all you two seem to care about is WP: If you spend too much time indoors sitting in front of a wireless computer, or laying in bed with a portable tablet on your lap while listening to music on your cell phone via a wireless headset — you most likely will feel the side effects of the microwave frequencies that are used for wireless connectivity.

I think existing discussions should move there too. It is impossible. Present your sources. People can discus this till the cows come home on the sub-page. No source says Military Frontier became part of Croatia inbut rather sources confirm the opposite, that Croatia had no authority over any parts of the Military Frontier all the way until at least Hence most of his ideas are preserved, but they are indecipherable today.

Also, since I think your statement that " Then the only person the other side has to argue with is himself. Tesla was ahead of his time.

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Who was Nikola Tesla?

Check my IP or whatever. It was ruled directly by Austria before. I can not know the motives of the all people who voted to supported this suggestions, but I'm sure FkpCascais had not done so in good faith. My sleeplessness does not worry me. The ones you see are often spectacular as he took them only to showcase and prove the safety of his new inventions Born July 10, Died January 7, Telsa was an inventorphysicistmechanical engineerand electrical engineer.

Nikola tesla diet are people here who can read the source who disagree with me. This is what Tesla thought about eating habits: Will you?

Plenty of other sources do that? On January 7,after 86 years of life, Nikola Tesla was found dead in her room, after a maid noticed the stillness of the room during the previous two days. If you were so worried about historical accuraciesyou would have already corrected the edits that were done against the standing consensus, introducing Serbian Orthodix Curch to 19th century, sneaky through cherry picked references.

The only way to disprove this source would be to have another secondary source which references subsequent primary source that this source omits to mention. Please stop talking all the time about me, as you see, besides your possible sockpuppet Cambridge, anyone else disagrees with you, and no one here is anti-Croatian, people just see your syntheses and lack of sources, while I, besides that, see your final point, which is to add as much Croatia as possible to the article, so one more reason to disengage from this discussion with you, cause you don't have a case here.

Nikola Tesla: The Extraordinary Life of a Modern Prometheus

They just criticise and they do not participate the discussion.Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist and expert in electrophysics. He was born in Similijan (a village in today's Croatia) in He had an extraordinary memory and spoke 6 languages. He spent 4 years working on math, physics and mechanics at Graz University of Technology, in Austria.

27/12/ · Nikola Tesla, certainly one of the most influential scientist ever, and yet a huge unknown to most. Tesla invented AC electricity, the radio, these cool plasma balls that you love to touch, the Death Ray electrical weapon (although unfinished), the wireless transfer of energy, the Tesla Coil (remember these cool things from C&C Red Alert?), the.

Feb 25, Explore Unknown's board "Nikola Tesla" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Nicolas tesla, Nikola tesla quotes and Tesla coil. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to. Nikola Tesla Facts. Born to Serbian parents in in Croatia, this inventive genius has made immense contributions to modern-day science.

How to Diet and Exercise Like the Genius Inventor Nikola Tesla

His inventions such as Radio, X-Rays, and Alternating Current in Electrical Distribution System are being used to-date. Inalong with George Westinghouse, Tesla built the first power plant to tap the hydroelectric potential trapped within Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls Power Company marked the final victory of Tesla’s Poly-phase Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which powers the world today.

Nikola Tesla & John Trump. The legend-tellers suggest that Donald’s uncle John George Trump, who was a very well-known scientist and inventor, oversaw the examination of famous engineer Nikola Tesla’s notes after his death.

Nikola tesla diet
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